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“When I first heard about Lightning Fit, I found it very intriguing. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, however losing 6lbs unintentionally, and reducing my pant size are benefits that I did not expect. Being a 57 year old man and having a figure that looks similar to my 20 year old son, is pretty amazing!”

Randy M.

“Lightning Fit has been a great experience especially for someone who is not the biggest fan of working out. I have considerably improved my overall strength and can even flex my new-found abs. I highly recommend Lightning Fit to anyone who wants to tone up!”

Olivia D.

“I have worked out extremely hard my entire life. At 37 years old, I was getting tired of how much time and effort I was having to put into working out. I found Lightning Fit and I’m obsessed with it. I 100% believe in it and I’ve hit my both my goals in weight loss and muscle tone. I love how much time it saves me and has really given me a boost in my self-confidence!”

Natalie B.